About Us

Award Winning Surgical Center

Who we are?

We are a surgical facility that has been in business since 2016 providing top local medical care. Our modern facilities provide all the amenities required for safe, sterile, and successful outpatient procedures. We treat patients of all ages from all over the world and cater to those who demand the highest quality medical care available.

Our philosophy

Understanding that every case is different, we pay meticulous attention to the needs of our patients and guide them through every step of their rehabilitation process.

Our values

We pride ourselves with being a very forward-thinking practice and we work holistically with our patients to ensure that they receive the treatment and care that works for them.

Our passion

We aim to deliver the highest quality patient experience in our well-equipped surgical space. Your recovery is always our number one concern and our physicians will ensure you are well on your way when you leave us. Everything will be re-explained before you get started so that you know exactly what to expect. We want to ensure your comfort and confidence in our procedures so that you know you have come to the best facility in Silicon Valley and beyond.

Modern facilities with a family feel

We understand going to the hospital for procedures can be a scary thing. We try to take the fear out of your surgical procedure by offering a smaller facility where you are greeted at the front door by a nurse who will guide you through your outpatient procedure. Anything you need, feel free to ask any of our friendly staff. We will treat you as one of our family while you are here.


Our partners

Trinity Surgical Center works with premiere partners and vendors well known in the industry to provide the best health services possible. We value our partners and the relations we have built with them.

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