Spinal stenosis is a common lumbar spine condition, often caused by degeneration of the bones and ligaments in the spine. When the spinal canal becomes narrow due to bone spurs, enlarged ligaments and other degenerative conditions in the lumbar spine, it can cause spinal stenosis and the spinal cord or nerves to be compressed. When conservative treatments for spinal stenosis are not effective, a surgical procedure may be recommended for relief. Trinity Surgery Center offers lumbar laminectomy for spinal stenosis treatment at our facility in San Jose, CA.

How It Works

Lumbar laminectomy resolves spinal stenosis by removing laminae to expand the space in the spinal canal. Laminae are the bones on the backside of the spine that help protect the spinal cord. By removing laminae, it can widen the spinal canal space and reduce pressure on the spinal cord or spinal nerves that can cause back and leg pain associated with spinal stenosis. One or more laminae may be removed, as well as bone spurs or thickened ligaments that can contribute to lumbar spinal stenosis.

What to Expect

Lumbar laminectomy surgery can be performed as open surgery or with minimally-invasive techniques. The type of surgery will dictate the size of incision and the amount of recovery needed after the procedure. Both types of lumbar laminectomy surgeries are performed under general anesthesia. Your surgeon can discuss what options are available for treating your spinal stenosis.

Lumbar laminectomy can offer long-term relief from spinal stenosis pain and other symptoms. If conservative treatments are not offering relief from your spinal stenosis, lumbar laminectomy may be an option. Trinity Surgery Center offers exceptional patient care and advanced medical innovations to perform your lumbar laminectomy. Contact us at our facility in San Jose, CA, to learn more about this procedure and our surgical center.