Degenerative disease, injuries and aging can all impact the stability of the spine. Spinal fractures, laminectomy surgery, spinal osteoarthritis and other factors can cause the vertebrae to become unstable, especially in the lumbar spine. To restore stability and reduce pain, a surgical procedure may be required to stabilize the vertebrae and other spine components. Trinity Surgery Center offers lumbar spinal fusion surgery at our state-of-the-art medical center in San Jose, CA.

How It Works

The vertebrae in the spine are designed to move and bend with the help of the spinal joints. Injuries, arthritis and degenerative disease can cause the spinal joints to deteriorate, causing compression or irritation of the nerves in the spinal column. When movement between the connected vertebrae causes pain or the spine becomes unstable for various reasons, a spinal fusion may be recommended. This uses surgical techniques to fuse the vertebrae together. This can include hardware to hold the bones together, allowing new bone to form to secure the vertebrae.

What to Expect

Lumbar spinal fusion surgery methods vary, depending on the surgeon. However, there are minimally-invasive techniques that can be used to perform this procedure, resulting in smaller incisions, fewer risks, less pain and a quicker recovery. Our facility is equipped with advanced surgical equipment and technology so that our spinal fusion surgeons can perform minimally-invasive lumbar spine fusion surgery, if indicated for the patient.

If you suffer from lumbar back pain and lumbar spinal fusion surgery is recommended for treatment, contact us at Trinity Surgery Center. We have experienced spinal fusion surgeons and an exceptional medical team at our modern surgical facility that can perform your procedure. Contact us at our medical center in San Jose, CA, to learn more about lumbar fusion surgery and the minimally-invasive options available.