The best way to prepare for your outpatient procedure will depend on the exact procedure that you are having, but knowing a bit about what to expect can help you feel in control.

Here are some steps that you may need to take prior to your procedure:

  • Talk with the office staff about your insurance and billing details, and make sure all necessary paperwork is completed.
  • Complete any diagnostic testing that your doctor required before the procedure.
  • Make sure your doctor is aware of your complete health history, as well as any allergies that you have or medications or supplements that you are taking.
  • Ask your doctor what to expect after your procedure and then make necessary arrangements. For example, you may need to arrange for a ride home or for childcare.
  • Follow your doctor’s instructions that are tailored to you and your procedure. You may need to avoid eating after a certain time, get prescriptions filled ahead of time, or stop smoking before your procedure.

Be sure to contact our office if you become sick or if your medical situation changes, so that we can reschedule or reevaluate your procedure as soon as possible.