The shoulder contains two joints and many moving components that can be susceptible to injury and degenerative conditions. When shoulder pain or function cannot be effectively treated with interventional or conservative treatments, shoulder surgery may be required. Trinity Surgery Center offers minimally-invasive shoulder arthroscopy surgery to reduce risks and quicken recovery at our facility in San Jose, CA.

How It Works

Shoulder arthroscopy surgery is an alternative to open shoulder surgery, requiring only tiny incisions to access the shoulder tissue. The incisions are usually less than 3 cm, small enough to be covered by a typical bandage. For repairing tendons, ligaments or joint issues within the shoulder, an arthroscope with a tiny camera can be inserted through one of these small incisions to transmit video to an outside monitor. An orthopedic surgeon can perform the surgical repair with small instruments through the incisions and video imaging, resulting in less damage to surrounding tissues. Arthroscopy offers fewer risks of bleeding and infection than open surgery with a quicker recovery time.

What to Expect

There are several types of shoulder procedures that can be performed with arthroscopy. Rotator cuff repairs, arthritis treatments, labrum repairs and other shoulder surgeries can often be performed with minimally-invasive surgery or arthroscopy. Your orthopedic surgeon can discuss what to expect for your specific shoulder arthroscopy procedure. Our surgical center is designed for outpatient procedures that do not require a hospital stay. Most patients can return home after their shoulder repair surgery.

Shoulder arthroscopy surgery utilizes advanced imaging and surgical techniques to minimize risks and reduce pain and recovery time for the patient. If you are considering shoulder arthroscopy surgery, you can depend on our excellent team at Trinity Surgery Center to provide the best care and cutting-edge medical equipment for your procedure. Contact us today.