Degenerative spine conditions, like spinal stenosis, can lead to restricted space inside the spinal canal, especially in the lumbar spine. This can result in spinal nerve root compression, causing back pain and radiating pain, numbness and weaknesses into the legs. When conservative or interventional treatments are ineffective, surgery to widen the spinal canal may be necessary to relieve symptoms. Trinity Surgery Center offers lumbar decompression surgery to increase the spinal canal space and decompress nerves at our facility in San Jose, CA.

How It Works

Lumbar decompression surgery can be used as treatment for spinal stenosis, or other similar spine conditions that result in compressed spinal nerves like spondylolisthesis, spinal fractures or a synovial cyst. The most common technique for these types of spinal conditions is a laminectomy, or removal of the lamina. Other surgical methods for lumbar decompression surgery can include laminotomy (partial removal of lamina), laminaplasty (cutting the lamina) or microdiscectomy (removing herniated disc material). A combination of different methods can be used to decompress the spinal nerves to resolve back and leg pain.

What to Expect

We utilize minimally-invasive surgical technology and methods at Trinity Surgery Center. Most lumbar decompression surgeries are performed under general anesthesia, and patients will be monitored by our staff after the procedure to ensure there are no complications. Once you are cleared by the medical team, you can usually return home the same day after your lumbar decompression surgery to continue your recovery.

If you have chronic pain from spinal stenosis or other conditions impacting the nerves in the lumbar spinal canal, lumbar decompression surgery may be an option for long-term relief. Trinity Surgery Center is a state-of-the-art surgical facility that offers minimally-invasive lumbar decompression surgery in San Jose. Contact us today to learn more about this procedure and our surgical center.