Knee injuries and degenerative disease are extremely common, causing pain and limiting mobility. When surgical intervention is needed to repair the knee joint, often there are minimally-invasive alternatives to open joint surgery. Trinity Surgery Center is a modern outpatient medical facility in San Jose, CA, that offers advanced orthopedic surgeries, including knee arthroscopy surgery.

How It Works

Knee arthroscopy surgery offers many benefits over traditional knee surgery for diagnosing and repairing various knee injuries and conditions. This “keyhole” surgery is performed through very small incisions, only 2-3 cm in length, using an arthroscope and imaging technology. The arthroscope has a small camera that transmits images from inside the knee to a digital screen, allowing the orthopedic surgeon to see the bones, tissues, nerves and other joint components without a large incision. This reduces damage to tissues and risks associated with blood loss and infection. Small instruments can be used to perform the surgical repairs without the need for open surgery.

What to Expect

Knee arthroscopy surgery can be used for a wide variety of knee procedures. Some may be performed with local anesthesia, while others may require general anesthesia. Our surgical center is an outpatient facility. The majority of knee arthroscopy surgery procedures performed allow patients a short recovery period at our facility then the opportunity to go home the same day. Patients should discuss what to expect for their particular knee arthroscopy with their orthopedic surgeon.

Knee arthroscopy surgery can offer fewer risks, smaller scars and quicker recovery than open or traditional knee surgery. To learn more about knee arthroscopy and if it may be right for your knee condition, talk to your orthopedic specialist. If you are a good candidate for this minimally-invasive procedure, Trinity Surgery Center is a state-of-the-art facility in San Jose that offers knee arthroscopy surgery. Contact us today.