Good and Bad Candidates for Out-Patient Surgery

doctordiagnosis - Good and Bad Candidates for Out-Patient SurgeryThe accessibility of out-patient surgery centers in San Jose, California is on the rise. Why? Because surgeons and patients alike understand the benefits of providing care via a small out-patient setting versus in a large hospital. Out-patient surgery offers same-day surgery options in a convenient location that provides more personalized care at an affordable cost. Many orthopedic surgeries can be performed at out-patient surgery centers, but… the patient would have to be eligible to receive care in such a facility. 

Who Can Have Out-Patient Surgery?

When determining whether or not you qualify to have your procedure performed at an out-patient facility, you will have to pass the following checklist:

  • Are you in good overall health?
  • Is your weight healthy?
  • Are you 65 or younger?
  • Is your surgery minimally invasive and considered low-risk?

Who Should Avoid Out-Patient Surgery?

Your safety is our number one concern and unfortunately, not all patients are good candidates for out-patient surgery because they are at a higher risk of complications. The following people may be advised to avoid out-patient surgery:

  • You’re 65 years or older
  • Overweight or obese
  • You have obstructive lung disease
  • You have hypertension (high blood pressure)
  • Previous heart attack or stroke
  • Previous complications during surgery
  • You’re required to have an invasive and complicated procedure

Making the Final Decision

Your surgeon will strongly consider whether or not you’re a good candidate for out-patient surgery at Trinity Surgery Center in San Jose, California.  During your consultation, be honest with us about your past and current medical history so that we can make the right choice for you. Give us a call today to find out where you should have your orthopedic surgery.

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