The Benefits of a Small Surgical Center

Healthcarepro - The Benefits of a Small Surgical CenterAny surgery has risks like the possibility of complications or infections. No matter what kind of insurance you have, you know the procedure is an investment. But what if you could do something to minimize those risks and decrease the expense altogether?

An ambulatory surgical center like Trinity Surgery Center is the safe and affordable solution that you’re looking for.

Lower Risk of Infection

Hospitals are huge, and hard to keep clean. There are multiple surgical suites, infections, bodily fluids, and unknown pathogens to deal with.  A surgical center is smaller and easier to maintain than a large hospital, so there is less risk of developing a post-op infection.

Fewer patients, a smaller facility, and no overnight stays mean less chance of contagion or contamination of any type!

More Personalized Service

If you’ve ever had surgery at the hospital, you know the tedium of answering questions about your medical history with ten different people. At Trinity Surgery Center, we have a small staff; the clerk who processes your intake paperwork communicates directly with the nursing and surgical team who help you through pre-op. You can be confident that you are being treated as a person, rather than a number.

Cost and Convenience

A 2016 study shows that there is typically a 45%-60% decrease in cost when a patient uses a surgical center for their care as opposed to a hospital.

Surgical centers are usually located close to a hospital in case of an emergency; but since they are all in one compact building, they are more convenient for patients and families. If you have an upcoming procedure and are eligible for outpatient surgery, check out Trinity Surgery Center for exceptional, personalized care.

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